Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
We, at BPE Innovations Pvt. Ltd., firmly believe in actively contributing to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. That’s precisely why, we sweat blood to reach out to the underservedthrough our varied CSR activities and community projects. Our moto is “Why being so mean? GO GREEN !!!”

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
BPE Innovations Pvt. the India’s oldest, largest and fastest-growing provider of washroom hygiene sensors and accessories. With the introduction of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provisions in the new Companies Act, 2013, Bharat Photonaims to help the society and environment by improving the quality of life through nation-building, sustainable development, and social equity.

Currently 95% of our product offering is energy-efficient
We are constantly working towards improving our sustainability data collection systems and disclosing our performance across various social and environment aspect areas, besides economic, including employee learning & development practices, health & safety performance and water use management beside others.

Water, Earth & Better Tomorrow
Since its founding, the BPE Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has recognized the tremendous value of water. Today, with ever-increasing water shortages and the rise of global warming, we are redefining our relationship with this essential resource and are even more dedicated to sustaining the environment through the development of high-quality, water-efficient products. Turning on a faucet and washing hands are ordinary activities, but now we can simply just put our hands in front of the faucet and our hands will be washed automatically.

BPE Innovations Pvt. Ltd. will work as one and meet thiscrucial objective, and we sincerely hope that our involvement in local communities leads to better living, and a better tomorrow.

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