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About Us

BHARAT PHOTON is a leading and one of the oldest company manufacturing washroom automation products in India. We specialize in Sensor-based automation products for Industries AND Washroom Hygiene Systems. BHARAT PHOTON is an India-based company that specializes in developing innovative and eco-friendly washroom solutions for every need whether large or small, corporate or private. We specialize in manufacturing & supply of green restroom sensor-based products with great style and taste for every need.

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BP-F107 AC-DC Sensor Tap


BP-HLA-981 Jet Hand Dryer


BP-HBS-992 Jet Hand Dryer


BP-HBA-991 Jet Hand Dryer


When it comes to Hygiene Sensors
only an expert can deliver


Our products are brainchild of our highly experienced R&D team that is backed up by more than 35 years of experience in designing world-class sensor products and is committed to make them better day by day with updated designs & technology


We are proud to serve an explicit customer base from every walks of industry like Construction, Hospitality, Healthcare, Institutional, Corporates, Food, Pharma, Aviation, Government, Entertainment, Sanitation, etc.


We proudly manufacture most of our products in India from PCB level, enabling us score an edge over competition as we can undertake servicing/repairing jobs in-house. Hence, our Indian Hygiene Sensors serve 10X times more than imported models.


The cost of maintenance after warranty period is the most significant factor for every buyer before he takes the buying decision. Here we are unmatched in India as we can repair most of the parts at PCB level, thus reducing hefty replacement costs like in imported counterparts.


For others deal ends when product sold, but for us relation starts when product sold. A dedicated team of service professionals with a service hotline number enables us to record each service support call on CRM and is resolved on utmost priority till a positive feedback received from customer.


We being a design & production house can undertake specific projects related to customization and development of IR object sensing applications. We are already having strategic alliance with major sanitaryware brands for O/E/M requirements of our Hygiene Sensors & are appreciated for our quality and service.

In the News

BHARAT PHOTON A Part Of Plumbing Skill Mahotsav
BHARAT PHOTON A PART OF PLUMBING SKILL MAHOTSAV BHARAT PHOTON participated in “Plumbing Skills Mahotsav” which was organized by the apex skilling body of the Indian Plumbing Industry, IPSC (Indian Plumbing Skills Council) in New ... View More →
Tree Plantation Drive with Core Team Player in Bharat Photon Family
Bharat Photon has organized 'Vriksharopan' Or Tree Plantation Drive, idea was not just only to increase the green cover of environment but also to inculcate a bond with nature.Under this green initiative, team has ... View More →
Corporate Social Responsibility
We, at BPE Innovations Pvt. Ltd., firmly believe in actively contributing to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. That’s precisely why, we sweat blood to reach out to ... View More →
The Grand Launch OF Flushbuoy
We, at BPE Innovations Pvt. Ltd. are very proud to announce the future of manual urinals is redefined by us. Our product FLUSHBOUY is the revolutionary step in the field of Washroom Hygiene as it ... View More →


"Rajneesh Jain" - Ajit Pershad And Sons, Delhi
We are associated with Bharat Photon last many years. We are dealing with them in washroom sensor based products like sensor tap, urinal sensor, soap dispenser and sanitizer dispenser for the help of our customers. ... View More →
"Raj Babbar" - Bal Kishan Water Supply Co., Ghaziabad
I am linked with Bharat Photon as a super stockiest in Ghaziabad region. I am very glad to work with Bharat Photon. As compared to other, your services are totally faster and Indian sensor made ... View More →
"Mr. Dharmesh Shah" - Ceramic Gallery, Vadodra
We are really very happy to be associated with Bharat Photon as a Star Dealer for Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodra region. We are endorsing the Bharat Photon's product for our clients. View More →


Touchless Faucets Advancements, Ease of Use, And Cleanliness

In a world increasingly focused on hygiene and convenience, Touchfree Faucets have emerged as a game-changing innovation. These modern fixtures combine cutting-edge technology with practical benefits, making them an ideal choice for homes, businesses, and public spaces. This guide delves ...

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Smart Sensor Taps Use Technology And Techniques To Save Water

Smart sensor taps represent a breakthrough in water conservation technology, combining advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms to significantly reduce water wastage. Here's a brief overview of how these taps work and the techniques they employ to save water. Key Features ...

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Environmentally-Conscious Toilet Facilities Water Preservation With Every Rush

As worries about running out of water grow worldwide, creative approaches to saving water have turned into an essential part of living sustainably. In this context, eco-friendly bathroom amenities are key in cutting down on water consumption and encouraging care ...

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How Washroom Automation Can Change Our Life

We are residing in a period where innovation has entered in our everyday life, simplifying our life and more coordinated. Innovation brought forth 'Computerization' which ensured that our standard positions can now be achieved effectively in a more limited length ...

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Making Water Accessible in Tier-2 Cities: The Benefits of Sensor Tap

As India continues to grow, so do the needs of its citizens. With a population of 1.3 billion and ever-increasing infrastructure demands, the pressure is on the government to provide state-of-the-art amenities to its citizens. One such amenity that is gaining ...

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If you have urinals in your business it is well worth revisiting the sensor flusher controls in place. Urinals are often set to flush notwithstanding of use. This wastes a lot of water – especially out of hours. Typically, unrestrained urinals ...

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Sensor Based Hygiene Products - Today's Need for Washroom

The mindfulness which India has today for Cleanliness and Tidiness was absent since many years. With Indian Government starting efforts like 'Clean India Mission' and overall population fostering a craving for sterile circumstances in open washrooms, the utilization of Cleanliness ...

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Advanced Sensor Based Washroom Technology in 21st Century

We view ourselves lucky as in this time of progress, the period of innovation, the 21st 100 years. In this time numerous developments like cell phone have embraced our lives with solace, extravagance and simplicity of taking care of business.However, ...

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