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Keep your bathroom & restrooms Hygienic & safe, you need to use a good automatic urinal sensor and senor flusher. Automatic flusher are very effective & easy to use while giving you a very attractive appearance. Automatic touchless urinal sensor/sensor flusher is quite perfect for private bathrooms, public toilets, workplaces and malls. Always engage with correct urinal sensor manufacturer and supplier who can provide you service after the sale and excellent in automatic urinal sensor repair.

These automatic sensor urinals / sensor flusher have touch-free features which helps to maintain the hygiene in the surroundings. The best part is that these touchfree urinal sensor are found in different designs & shapes and it is backed with intelligent technology & Low power consumption.

They also tend to save water and uses the water only when required. Also, you can purchase automatic urinals pot sensor at a very cost effective price.

  • Stylish ceramic automatic urinal in white color with embedded sensor for automatic flushing and toilet sensor flushing system
  • Deodorize feature of 24 hours voluntarily flush if no use
  • False flush protection with live indicator to represent sensing & flush ready modes
  • Smart Sense to respect feature to avoid splashing on second person in queue
  • 100% hygiene touchfree urinal sensor for washroom
  • Best price of infrared urinal sensor in Delhi and whole India
  • Automatic urinal sensor at high discounts & best price in Delhi, India - with Unmatched deal

What are the advantages of getting automatic Urinal sensor installed?

  • Proper cleanlinessAn automatic urinal sensor ensures that everything gets cleaned automatically without using the hands. For instance, if a person forgets to flush the urinal manually, then auto flush sensor feature very well helps to take care of it.
  • Longer lifespanThe touchless urinal motion sensor are hands free and thus the mishandling & wear and tear is minimized. Hence, the chances of damage gets reduced. This arguably results in the longer lifespan of the urinal sensor for washroom.
  • Reduction in wastage of waterOne of the major advantage of urinal sensor flusher is that they reduce the wastage of water as compared to manual urinals. Also, there would be delay between one automatic flush to another which ensures that you are not flushing again and again.
  • Easy to useAutomatic urinal sensor is quite easy to use and thus it is perfect for elderly or young children. The reason is that waste material gets flushed automatically while maintaining the utmost hygiene.

What are the different types of automatic urinal sensor flushers?

  • Concealed urinal sensor
  • Exposed urinal sensor
  • Integrated urinal sensor

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