Urinal Sensor

Automatic touchless urinal sensor/ sensor flusher is quite perfect for public washrooms, public toilets, workplaces, hospitals and malls etc.

These automatic sensor urinals / sensor flusher have touch-free features which helps to maintain the hygiene in the surroundings. The best part is that these touch-free urinal sensor are found in different designs & shapes and it is backed with intelligent technology & Low power consumption. They also tend to save water and uses the water only when required. 

  • Deodorize feature of 24 hours voluntarily flush if no use
  • False flush protection with live indicator to represent sensing & flush ready modes
  • Smart Sense to respect feature to avoid splashing on second person in queue
  • Best price of infrared urinal sensor in Delhi and whole India
  • Automatic urinal sensor at high discounts & best price in Delhi, India - with Unmatched deal

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