Sensor Tap

Make your bathroom a lot more attractive, by installing automatic sensor tap/faucet from Bharat Photon. Other than this, you can fix these touchless tap into kitchen sink as well. Also, these automatic sensor tap/faucets are available in different designs & shapes in the market and you can choose it as per your choice. Nowadays every motel, hotel, malls, restaurants and other places makes use of sensor faucets/ tap for their washroom automation needs.

  • Designed and manufactured of automatic sensor tap in India to automatically wash hands without the need to touch the tap.
  • Prevents the spread of germs due to physical contact of tap - Touch free.
  • Ensures No-one leaves the tap running after use as water flows only for the duration when hand is in front of the sensor faucet/ tap.
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint & saves considerable amount of Operational Costs as compared to Manual Taps, so use touch-free auto sensor taps & faucets.
  • Best Price in India for sensor taps with unmatched in sensor faucets with maximum running discounts/offer.
  • A true Indian Product that Conforms to Green Building Standards. Hygiene for all with ease to use. 100% proudly made in India concept for sensor based products.

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