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If you want to make your bathroom a lot more attractive, then you should definitely install automatic sensor tap/faucet from Bharat Photon. Other than this, you can fix these touchless tap into kitchen sink as well. Also, these automatic sensor tap/faucets are available in different designs & shapes in the market and you can choose it as per your choice. The best part is that it has touchfree tap with latest technology which is quite in demand these days among the users. Nowadays every motel, hotel, malls, restaurants and other places makes use of motion sensor faucets/ tap for their washroom automation needs.

  • Designed and manufactured of automatic sensor tap in India to automatically wash hands without the need to touch the tap.
  • As essential & dependable component in every washroom to maintain proper hygiene with infrared sensor faucet.
  • Simultaneously instrumental to help reduce water wastage with touchless tap in kitchen and washroom.
  • Prevents the spread of germs due to physical contact of tap - Touch free.
  • Ensures No-one leaves the tap running after use as water flows only for the duration when hand is in front of the sensor, so good motion sensor tap/faucet.
  • A true Indian Product that Conforms to Green Building Standards and ISO Certifications also.
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint & saves considerable amount of Operational Costs as compared to Manual Taps, so use touch-free auto sensor taps & faucets.
  • A tried & tested easily serviceable & lifetime repairable robust Indian answer to use & throw ‘locally branded important models’ marketed in India
  • Best Price in India for sensor taps with unmatched all over India in sensor faucets with maximum running discounts/offer.
  • A unique solution for touchless sensor faucet in washroom to reduce the usage of water.
  • Hygiene for all with ease to use. 100% proudly made in India concept for sensor based products.
Benefits of Automatic Sensor Tap
  • Hygiene & sanitization Automatic sensor tap comes alongside with in-built sensors that are present in their handles. So, whenever an object such as a hand appears in front of the tap, then flow of water takes places on an immediate basis.
Hence, you won’t have to touch the handle of the faucet which very well promotes sanitization & hygiene.
  • Low maintenance It comes with a very simple & sleek design and therefore it doesn’t need much maintenance as compared to regular faucets. Thus, they are easy to maintain & they can kept clean easily.
  • Conserves water Sensor tap can save a lot more water as compared to regular taps. Moreover, Sensor tap provides minimal level of water as it can switch off automatically while you are using a soap or foaming your hands. Hence, it stops water wastage up to 70%.
Different types of Automatic Sensor taps
Wall mounted tap
Basin mounted tap
Mixer sensor tap
Long body faucet

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