Importance of Hygiene Systems in Washrooms Used By Corporate World

India has already made a mark of excellence in world when It comes to maintaining highest work standards in office and has adapted so well to the global corporate environment.

Hygiene has played a vital role in achieving global benchmarks. The era has already begun where India is regarded as the ‘World’s Office’, thanks to the corporate world who have invested and provided the clean atmosphere t o staff whether its common areas or washrooms, thus enabling them to contribute more in a germ free & healthy environment.

The awareness which India has today for Hygiene & Cleanliness was missing since decades. With Indian Government initiating campaigns like ‘Clean India Mission’ and general public developing an appetite for hygienic conditions in public washrooms, the use of Hygiene Products that reduce the human element in maintaining cleanliness has become mandatory for commercial establishments like h otels, malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, office complexes, etc.

Washroom Hygiene Systems mostly being no - touch or sensor operated eliminate the spread of germs. Automatic Sensor Flushers for Urinals/WC and Automatic Sensor Faucets use intelligent sensor technology that senses the person using them and releasing the water only when necessary, each one saving gallons of water every year.

Modern washrooms in India need Washroom Hygiene Systems that should not only be world class, but also conducive to India n environment with strong after sales service & support. We need to be at par with the world when it comes to being providing & maintaining highest standards of hygiene in our washrooms.

We being a developing country cannot afford to waste water due to err oneous use by general public in common washrooms.

Manual flush valves, faucets and systems have been a thing of the past. Old facilities are also replacing these manual accessories with modern ones which not only solve the purpose but add a stylish and pre stigious look to their washrooms.

Having 5000 + happy customers in the industry and more than 100 self - manufactured products, Bharat Photon has been a synonym for quality, durability & trust. Company is manufacturing world class Industrial and Washroom Hyg iene Systems since 1983 and offering their highly durable products at competitive prices with prompt after sales service in India. Being manufactured in India, these products are 100 % repairable with lifelong support unlike their imported counterparts.

We being a developing country cannot afford to waste water due to err oneous use by general public in common washrooms.

To day one cannot imagine corporate world washrooms without Washroom Hygiene Systems.

So if you are corporate entity and still unaware of this hygiene phenomena, upgrade your washrooms before its late....