WC Sensor

  • Designed and manufactured in India to automatically flush urinal pots/ closets after every use
  • An essential & dependable component in every washroom to maintain proper hygiene
  • Simultaneously instrumental to help reduce water wastage
  • Intelligent flushing ensures your washroom remains stink free
  • Recovers its cost by saving significant amount of water as compared to washrooms with continuously running flushing
  • Tried and tested easily serviceable & lifetime repairable product, very adaptive to robust Indian conditions
  • India’s No.1 self manufactured product – a strong reply to use & throw ‘locally branded imported models’ marketed widely in India
  • Essential for Green Buildings and must for every public washroom
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint & saves considerable amount of Operational Costs as compared to conventional flushing techniques

Our Clients

Indian Urinal Sensor and Sensor Tap Manufacturer in Delhi

BHARAT PHOTON is an India-based company that specializes in developing innovative and eco-friendly washroom solutions for every need whether large or small, corporate or private. We specialize in manufacturing & supply of green restroom sensor-based products with great style and taste for every need. 

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