Hand Dryer

• Designed to automatically dry hands through a stream of hot air as soon as one puts his/her hands under the machine

• An essential & dependable component in every washroom to maintain proper hygiene as it replaces conventional towels

• Reduces carbon footprint by eliminating the use of paper towels

• Saves Operational cost by more than 90%

• World class designs which are not only attractive & stylish but are equally robust and maintenance free for rigorous conditions like in India

• A product that truly conforms to Green Building norms

• Our range of High Speed & Jet Hand Dryers reduces power consumption by 80% as compared to regular models, and saves big amount of money as compared to use of paper towels

Our Clients

Indian Urinal Sensor and Sensor Tap Manufacturer in Delhi

BHARAT PHOTON is an India-based company that specializes in developing innovative and eco-friendly washroom solutions for every need whether large or small, corporate or private. We specialize in manufacturing & supply of green restroom sensor-based products with great style and taste for every need. 

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