Hand dryers are electric devices found in public washrooms that are used to dry hands. Literal meaning of Jet is “a rapid stream of air or liquid forced out of a small opening”. Jet hand dryer is specially designed for high traffic area to dry hands quickly which actually saves per drying cost. You are saving up to rupees forty thousand per washroom per year using jet hand dryer not using tissue papers. You are also saving the environment, as millions of trees are being cut worldwide to produce tissue papers.

Noise is because of high air pressure and if we reduce the air pressure then the drying time will increase. So we don’t recommend to reduce the air pressure. We don’t have speed controller

Yes, these jet hand dryer are safe and current/shock proof.

Yes, these hand dryer are compatible for green building as they save electricity and also save trees.

It sucks the air from below, when air passes through the 3 layered HEPA filter, it filters the air and removes bacteria.

Brushless motor don’t have the carbon inside. Brush motor have carbon inside and this carbon gets exhausted during the usage. If carbon is not changed before they are being exhausted, motor/armature gets damaged. The life of brushless motor is 5 times more than brush motor. For high traffic area , it is always recommend to use brushless motor jet hand dryer.