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Battery Box Classic

AC / DC Adapter

Flow Control (Lever)

FlowControl (Screw)

Transformer (AC)

Sensor Plate XoX

Sensor Plate X1X

Sensor Plate X4X

Sensor Plate X4XS

Sensor Plate XE

Sensor Plate XU

Sensor Plate X2X

Sensor Plate WC- Button

Solenoid Valve (1/2") (6V DC - Teflon)

Solenoid Valve (1/2") (6V D - Brass)

Solenoid Valve (1/2") (220V AC - Teflon)

Solenoid Valve (1/2") (220V AC - Teflon)

Sensor Eye Lead (Inner Type)

Control Unit Sensor Tap (6V DC)

Control Unit Sensor Tap (220V AC)

Control Unit Sensor Tap (220V AC/6V DC )