Our Mission

Since last decade or so, mostly Indian facilities have been flooded by cheap imported sensors in Urinal and Faucets by importer brands, which failed miserably due to lack of quality & service required to perform in tougher conditions here in India, like adverse temperature, humidity, dust & poor water quality.

As a result Urinal sensors & Sensor Faucets lost their credibility in the minds of Indian consumers as they witnessed their breakdown in washrooms, where they were instrumental for hygiene and water saving. With our highly adaptive range of washroom sensors, designed & manufactured in India as a result of our strong R&D Innovation & 35 years of experience, we are on a MISSION TO REBUILD TRUST for these products, which carry a DNA that is INDIAN.

The need of the hour is to aware all Indian consumers from using manual flush valves, faucets or cheap Chinese sensors so that our country can benefit from a quality product that's our own and is very much needed in public washrooms to maintain hygiene and stop water wastage.

We are proud that 3 out of top 5 sanitary brands & numerous other sanitary brands use our sensors for their hygiene sensors range, and support make In India mission for the growth & development of our nation.

Our Vision

To ensure that every public washroom in India deploys revolutionary sensor technology products designed and developed in India. That are cost effective and life time durable for intelligent flushing in Urinal & Intelligent hand washing, thus making Indian washrooms, germ free, odour free and save precious water for country. We feel proud if we can contribute a little towards our PM's Clean India Mission and Make in India Mission this way.